We have found that the following documentries provide excelent information that is very eye opening and a must see by all. At our shop location you can check out DVDs, books and other resources for free. We also have hard to find resources for sale.

Diseases Don't Just Happen - How Healthy Living Style Prevents All Diseases

Monsanto - Patent For a Pig - The American biotechnology firm, Monsanto, has applied for a patent for pig breeding in 160 countries. The patent is for specific parts of the genetic material of pigs which Monsanto's genetic researchers have decoded. If this patent is granted, pig breeding would be possible with the approval of the company.

Farmers and breeders are naturally alarmed because these genes have long existed in the great majority of their pigs. Using DNA tests they can prove that there is no new invention in the patent applications but that, instead, granting this patent would be to allow a part of nature to fall into the hands of a single company.

Monsanto's influence on the patent offices is huge. If the patent is approved, money will have to be paid to Monsanto for every pig in the world carrying this genetic marker. This has long been the case for certain feedstuffs, such as genetically modified maize. Many farmers in the US have already become dependent on the company. It is not merely a question of money, however, but also a question of the risk posed to consumers. In America, as in Europe, cases of infertility in animals fed with genetically modified maize are
becoming increasingly common. No-one yet knows what effects such products are having on humans.

The GMO Trilogy - Why Genetically Modified Organisms threaten your health, the environment and future generations [Cover Image]

Unnatural Selection - A stunning, award-winning film shows the impact of genetically modified (GM) crops and animals.

Hidden Dangers in Kids Meals - Children are at risk and what you can do.

You're Eating What? Audio CD: Bestselling author Jeffrey M. Smith explains how industry manipulation allowed dangerous GM food to be approved.

The Business of Being Born – (this started our passion for doing everything naturally)
This is about the medical business of birth in America … doctors and cesareans

Orgasmic Birth
The same info as the Business of Being Born but shows both sides of birthing, Midwife & Hospital

The Beautiful Truth – we saw this on Netflix which lead us to buy the book below.
A kid here in Alaska did this documentary

FoodMatters  -- movie/documentary, also available on the Gerson website or
We saw this movie at a local organic coffee shop, good information but just touches on things

The Future of Food this is on Hulu (watch online)) – this is about GMO foods (genetically modified organism) and Monsanto.

King Corn – movie/documentary, we watched this on Netflix while in Hawaii

Food Inc. – I think they used the same cow in this one as King Corn … LOL

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